Happy New Year 2015 Around the World

By | December 29, 2014

Happy New Year 2015 Around the World:  As the clock strikes twelve on December 31, there is a season of praising new year around the globe. Anyhow numerous nations take after diverse New Year Calendars as a component of their convention, and commend their conventional New Year as indicated by that schedule.


Happy New Year 2015 Around the World


Happy New Year 2015


United Kingdom respects the New Year as per the Gregorian datebook with boisterous cheer, warmth of family and companions, devouring and drinking. In London, an enormous swarm accumulates along the Thames to appreciate the firecrackers from the London Eye as the Big Ben strikes twelve authoritatively denoting the onset of a New Year. A large number of individuals additionally gather to gathering and make joyful with bon-firesat Trafalgar Square and the Piccadilly Circus. Voices as one respect the “days passed by” by singing “Auld Lang Syne”.

An alternate conventional custom is “First Footing”. For this, a tall, good looking dull (haired) male must be the first guest of a family unit after 12 pm. As a custom, he needs to convey with him, a chunk of bread, a flask of bourbon, some coal and salt. He is relied upon to put the coal in the flame and serve the bread and the toast the family and wish them Happy New Year. He makes entrance from the front entryway, and after the custom, he needs to passageway from the secondary passage. He is considered to bring good fortunes and success to the family unit.

Happy New Year 2015


Customarily, the Chinese take after the Lunar Calendar. As indicated by it, their New Year, known as “Yuan Tan” may happen any day between mid-January and mid-February. The Chinese commend their New Year with much ceremony and magnificence and the festivals may proceed for ten to fifteen days.

Chinese New Year festivals are beautiful and uproarious – red overwhelms the show, while thumping of drums and cymbals are accepted to head out the underhandedness. Lion Dance and devouring deal with the diversion. Several lamps are lit to welcome home the positive vibes. Companions and relatives visit one another. Endowment of red envelope containing cash (Lai See) is traded as an image of good fortunes.

Happy New Year 2015


Since 1873, Japan has authoritatively embraced the Gregorian logbook. Prior to that Japan observed New Year as per the Chinese lunar schedule.

Japanese New Year festivals start on January 1 and keep going for a fortnight. Customary festivals go for the age-old idea of out with abhorrent and in with the great vibes.

Conventional festivals incorporate going by sanctuaries to petition God for the left and for good gather. Sanctuary chimes are rung 108 times to frighten away the abhorrence. An alternate custom with the same design is to begin snickering as the clock is about the strike midnight.

Beautifying rice cakes called Mochis are made.

Japanese homes hand straw ropes at the door to get good fortunes. Paper lobsters embellish homes meaning persistence, while green plants and bamboo symbolize new life and genuineness.

Envelopes with cash are given to kids by senior citizens.

Happy New Year 2015


New Year in France is known as Jour des trennes, and le Jour de I’an, and the festivals are alluded to as ‘Reveillion’. It is one of the most established celebrations of France, and is hence an authority open occasion. It is accepted that devouring will realize thriving. As being what is indicated, an exceptional dining experience, called as le Rveillon de Saint-Sylvestre is arranged. Families meet and welcome, champagnes are uncorked, tremendous grandiose gatherings are sorted out, as the nation respects the New Year with nourishment, fun, beverages, firecrackers and lighting.

Happy New Year 2015


Individuals in Denmark accept that on the off chance that they remained on a seat and bounce from it as the clock strikes twelve to welcome New Year, it would bring them luckiness. An alternate custom is to gather dishes all the year around and toss them at the front entryway on the New Year’s Eve – the more the broken plates, the more companions one should have in the New Year.

Happy New Year 2015


January 1 is a propitious day for the Greeks as it additionally stamps St. Basil’s Day since St. Basil is considered as one of the progenitors. Greek families get together to prepare an exceptional bread for the New Year. They conceal a coin in the mixture. The coin is accepted to bring good fortunes.

Happy New Year 2015


In Spain, as the midnight strikes, it is standard to rapidly consume twelve grapes, one at each one strike of the clock. These should bring good fortunes – one grape for each of the twelve months of the New Year. In urban areas, individuals accumulate in the principle squares and watch this custom together and celebrate with cava. Drinking and moving all during the time is a regular type of Spanish festival.

Happy New Year 2015


In Scotland, New Year is called Hogmonay. Conventional festivals incorporate barrels of tar to be set land and moved through the boulevards. They accept that thusly the old year is consumed and the new one is permitted to enter.

Happy New Year 2015

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, New Year is known as Aluth Avurudhu, and commonly happens in mid-April. At the point when the old year would end and the new would year starts is celestially decided.

Happy New Year 2015

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